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Program information

Radium Customized Program Guide Programs are available in Korean only at this time

Group Program Description
1 School teachers Creative Teaching Stimulating the teachers’ inspiration through artists’ creations to develop their education programs
2 Students Creativity Through Art Appreciation Encouraging students to discover through exposure to art and creativity, the reachability of their goals
3 Corporate staff Art Contribution to the Brand Image Equipping corporate staff members with an artistic mindset to help the implementation of creativity in their professional work
4 Chief executive officers Company Management Through Creativity Leading CEOs to understand art and creativity to apply in practice to management
5 General Art Appreciation and Criticism Providing an environment to exercise the ability to appreciate and criticize art, beneficial to improving their quality of life

Radium Education Programs Programs are available in Korean only at this time

Program Description
1 Ecole de Nice Learning about the history of modern art and Ecole de Nice
2 Creative Art Workshop Discovering our identity through the creation of an avatar in Moya Land
3 Design Workshop Designing a logo that will help discover more about the institution or company
4 Exploring and Understanding a Career in Art Discussing the different career paths in art
5 Contemporary Art in Society Understanding how contemporary art reflects today’s society
6 Architecture and Sculpture Understanding Sosno’s work and practice of sculptural architecture
7 Picasso and André Villers Comprehending the friendship and collaboration between the two artists

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