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Moya’s exhibition at an art center in Korea


Even though Moya’s works has already been shown in Korea, this time it is for a solo exhibition for the opening of
Radium Art Center in Busan and Moya’s universe continues to expand.


Busan is to South Korea what Nice is to France: a popular seaside resort where for many money flows freely. The postcard
shows the huge summer migration of the gathering of hundreds of thousands of swimmers in a wonderful bay in Busan.
Moreover, the second city of Korea with 3.7 million inhabitants could hold the attention for another cultural reason: the
French artist Moya will inaugurate the opening of the new location of Radium Art Center on July 27, 2013. Radium Art Center
is a ‘museum-like’ gallery that mixes temporary exhibitions and permanent collections for the public and for collectors.


It has been over 10 years since Moya has shown his works in Seoul with the support of Frédéric Altmann and Sacha Sosno.
This time Radium chose him for the opening event. The director behind this new venue dedicated to contemporary art is a
specialist of l’Ecole de Nice of which she owns works by some of the biggest names, such as César, Arman, Ben, Sosno.


For Moya, it is an opportunity to expand his ‘Moya Land’ in the parallel world of ‘Second Life’ where he is very active. Now
it’s time for real life with a big sculpture made specifically to display in front of Radium Art Center, which must be resistant
to typhoons due to its seaside location, as well as new paintings and commercial products, for example, the plush ‘Dolly’
made in France by Blanchet.


Moya’s news does not end in Korea. Closer to us, he is working with ceramics in Italy or he is preparing the poster of the
next International Circus Festival of Monaco. His ambition: “ To be everywhere! I have always dreamt of a universal art

that would cover all the fields and areas of the globe.”


He knows it is a utopia. Moya, as he says, is a ‘sacré cas d’école’ (‘damn textbook case’).


Franck Leclerc, journalist, art critic and author of a book about ‘Ecole de Nice’